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Technical Assistance to Support the Development of Green Economy in Belarus

The European Union, in cooperation with the Republic of Belarus, has launched a project on green economy. The overall objective of the project is promotion of green economy mechanisms in Belarus.

Working with decision makers and planners in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, and with other key figures in the environmental sector, the project will support them in developing and implementing policies and mechanisms that lead to sustainable socio-economic development while ensuring that the environment is protected. 

The purposes of the project:
1. To define and elaborate the main mechanisms of the green economy development, institutional and legal support of MNREP inthisregard.
2. To improve the level of competence of the specialists of the central state bodies and other authorities of the Republic of Belarus in the area of mechanisms and principles of the green economy.
3. To elaborate the Program of Actions for the reduction of pollutante missions, covered by the Gothenburg Protocol.
4. To expand international cooperation between Belarus and the EU.

The project duration is 30 months starting from 5 November 2014 to 5 March 2017, with an overall budget of EUR 1,465,000.

The project is implemented by the consortium led by Hulla& Co Human Dynamics KG.

The specific activities to be undertaken under the project can be grouped into two major technical components.

Component A: Development of knowledge and competences of Belarusian authorities, both at national and local level, in the context of the green economy.

Component B: Elaboration of the draft Program of Actions to Reduce Pollutant Emissions until 2030, covered by the Gothenburg Protocol, with the application of an integral emissions evaluation.